Latest issue is 2016 (2016.11.27)
with 11282 maps inside

a large collection of color maps for Worms Armageddon in a single package

The Pack includes thousands of the best color maps for Worms: Armageddon from legendary Worms Map Database. The key feature of this Pack is original and convenient WMDB sorting by Gametype/Author/Name, that makes it easy to browse maps from W:A. The Pack is completely hand-crafted and have collected lots of really good maps. Finally, it built into single large .ISO image — you can find any map or the author pretty quickly (by mounting the image and browsing it via your favorite file manager).

Also, there are a torrent available, making it possible to download separate parts ot the Pack.

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Get Heavy Pack ISO image from FTP directory (https mirror)

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Development: Fresh Heavy Pack issue is (usually) being released every year. Since 2014, it is being built with an automated system, based on WMDB's reviewers opinion. Maps in the Pack is only those ones, which worth is greater or equal 2 (see WMDB Docs), that way, it's guaranteed to be pretty trashless with saving it's weight.

License: Feel free to download and redistribute the Pack (and any links), also to use it's contents for any purposes. The only restriction is that you are not permitted to remove or change any author(s) mentions and links. If you are about to make changes to Heavy Pack ISO image(s) and distribute the modified version, it should be patently marked as "modified".

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WMDB Heavy Pack © 2010-2016 MEDVEDx64. All maps from this pack belong to various authors from